Eva LOU (一娃)

Eva LOU (一娃)

DAS Theatre

Eva LOU (一娃), born in 1995 in Hangzhou, China. She is a performance maker, theatre director and dramaturg, now based in Amsterdam and Shanghai.  

Originally trained in stage directing at Wesleyan University (CT, USA), she always finds herself on a deviated/ing path. On the way, her attention has been caught by modes of participation, Heterotopia in urban spaces, encrypted use of languages, and the (re)production and fictionality of collective memory, among many other. She is a firm believer in the power of collaborative thinking and making. Since 2019, she has been co-living, -dreaming, -working and -creating with her fellow artists in _ao_ao_ing ensemble, a Shanghai based performance collective.  


Her works have been seen in Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, RockBund Art Museum(Shanghai), Power Station of Art (Shanghai), Ming Contemporary Art Museum(Shanghai), OCT Contemporary Art Terminal(Shenzhen) … also in mountains and rivers, on the street, in a shopping mall, in the back of a truck, in a cafe, a vintage store, a sex shop and in the virtual world. 

Meanwhile, non-profit work is a part of Eva’s creative life. She is an active ally to art education for children living in rural China and the Deaf art scene in Shanghai. She has long-term collaborations with China’s Rural Children Art Education Action Forum, KnowDeaf Social Service Center and other non-profit social organizations, always trying to weave performativity into the process. She leads art camps and workshops, plans events, and recently co-curated a Deaf-friendly clubbing project in Shanghai. 

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