Patsy Lassbo

Patsy Lassbo

DAS Theatre

Patsy Lassbo (born 1988) is a composer and theatre maker from Sweden. They received their Sound engineering diploma from SAE Institute Solna year 2008 and their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sound design for performing arts from Stockholm University of the Arts in 2017. 

Having accumulated extensive experience through collaborations and commissioned work in the fields of classic and contemporary theatre, choreography, music and visual arts, Patsy is now embarking on the journey to develop their artistic practise within the context of DAS Theatre. They are heavily informed and inspired by the interdiciplinarity between the aforementioned fields and philosophy, aesthetics, art history and internet culture in their theatre work and research. 

Some common interests and issues dealt with in previous works are: queer bodily representations and soundings in post-digital contemporary performing arts, dramaturgical and aesthetic explorations of historical theatre formats and humorous anthropomorphizing of technical equipment. 

At DAS Theatre Patsy will continue their research on disembodied voices and non-human performers within their practise of expanded musical composition for the theatre machinery. Patsy is invested in a critical investigation of ‘the human centered theatre’ and the performative and aesthetic potential of technology that mimics human behaviour (machine learning i.e), human expression (vocal synthesis, computer generated text and image) and the inevitable queering, blurring and reconstruction of identities and desires that technology simultaneously offers and demands from its users.

Lassbo is a member of The Swedish Society of Composers, the association Fylkingen and the long term artistic collaboration Sticky Drama

See Patsy Lassbos full CV here.

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