Leisure Life

Leisure Life
A performative installation on the ethics and aesthetics of queer cohabitation

“Act out your fantasies without believing them to be real” - Larry Mitchell, The Faggot and Their Friends Between Revolutions

By our presence, we shape space. In this project of queer terraforming, walls bend, floors crumble, air liquifies - we follow our desire for cohabitation with humans, more-than-humans, creatures, critters, beasts. Monstrosity permeates the space, Softness enveloping bodies. The monstrous, the hybrid, the queer can be reclaimed as a strategy of empowerment and liberation in sympoiesis. A garden arises, the space becomes alive, and we fill it with care and love and leisure. 

We warmly invite you to inhabit this space with us: come join us in this workshop/performance/installation of leisure. 

Tea (Tessel) Verschoor (they/them)
Jorien Werkhoven (she/her)*
Charlie Smeets (he/him)
Toni Kritzer (they/them)
in collaboration with: 
Ronja Wijtvliet (she/her)
Dan1dang3r (they/them)
Larissa de Jager (she/they)

*graduation student 



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