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“my Grandma said:
if you wanna make,
if you wanna make a good dough
you need to, you must go to the public space or in the garden or anywhere except for your house
because it needs
Sun and fresh air
so that's why I usually when I do bread
I just go to the field or like here, on this island
I feel so comfortable and calm
so one day I was making my dough like always
at one point a man came to me and he said:
This is really interesting what you are doing
He just saw the fantasy in me.
then he said that he is actually a curator,
this is his job… "

Videos which were streamed in the show were made in collaboration with, Adél Juhász, Balázs Oláh, Csaba Molnár, Gergő Farkas, Lili Raubinek, Veronika Szabó 
Edited and filmed by: Julcsi Vavra

Special thanks and love to,
Ana Vujanovic, Antonella Fittipaldi, Corina Mitrovici, Jelle Haen, Marina Orlova, Milena Weber, Nazar Rakhmanov, Parisa Madani, Pollak Lavinia

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