Lowercase delta

Lowercase delta / 
to grasp a rupture 

I know I’m close.  
But something keeps me from arriving. 
A little distance between   me  and   the place where I should be. 
A miniscule rupture; half a centimeter, or half a second, not more. 
It's seems to travel with me, even when I move into the right direction. 
I try to be soft, patient; maybe one day I’ll click into arrival. 

In this performance on the border of dance and sculpture art, we search for the right material to grasp this rupture. 




Gerben Vaillant / 
Meghan Dobbelsteijn Bisschops / Elliot Dehaspe / Charlotte Gillain / 

Advisor: Loes van der Pligt / 
Thanks to: Thomas Maas / Stella van Leeuwen / /  

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