MTD - Blenard Azizaj 'human'

by Blenard Azizaj in close collaboration with the graduating students of Modern Theatre Dance, is about compassion and the lack of it. About being part of humanity, and at the same time looking for your way as an individual.

For human Azizaj draws inspiration from different sources: fragments from different stories, from now and throughout the ages. One source of inspiration is the Greek sea god Proteus, who rules the flow of water and the treacherous changeability of the sea.

Data & tickets
ITS Festival Donderdag 21 juni, 20:00
Locatie: ITS Festival

Vrijdag 22 juni 2018, 20:00 - 21:00 hrs.
U kunt online kaarten reserveren: ticket link Academie voor Theater en Dans
Locatie: Academie voor Theater en Dans, Jodenbreestraat 31011 NG Amsterdam / Danstheater



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