Noha Ramadan

Noha Ramadan

DAS Choreography

Noha Ramadan (Sydney, 1979) is a choreographer, dancer and performer living between Amsterdam and Berlin. Her work is underscored by (built through) an interest in language and choreographic experimentation, testing the relationships between things and their environments, between meaning and its collapse, and between dance and choreography. Aside from her own projects, she collaborates extensively with other artists as a performer and dramaturg.

Current research

I believe art can provoke fluidity between desire, the irrational, the critical and the political. I think that this fluidity needs to be practised so that the world can be less fucked. For me, this means questioning the connections between feelings, perception and construction. I try to keep my body right there in the mix. I approach choreography as a set of processes: emergent, impossible, leaning towards the autonomous…

During the first stage of my research, I will explore dancing and choreography through their confrontations with language and literary theory. I'll also be working with ideas of navigation and spatiality, both on the level of mapping processes and within movement scores, developing my practice of attention-driven dance procedures.

the PROCESS of re-assembling / in cohabitation / in the collision between image text and movement / between inner and outer worlds / FANTASY

the PLAY of potential meanings / constructing, finding, subverting logic / choreography is not a fixed aesthetic object /work is something to destroy / INTERVENTIONS

the BODY is being in the world / thinking articulating speaking back / bodies position themselves while moving / in games, riddles and technology / the body is a processor / INFORMATION

a privileged SPACE of attention / the audience is present and material  / modes of performing and spectating change and change / work is heterogenous  / INTIMACY

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