Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

DAS Choreography

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche is a Argentinian dancer, choreographer and dance advocate based in Brussels. She studied in PARTS and works as a freelancer with Eleanor Bauer, Heather Kravas, Claire Croize, Etienne Guilloteau, DD Dorvillier. She’s an assistant to ballet master Janet Panetta. She loves Dance and Craft. She  conceives the body  as a space of experimentation. ‘Can dance and choreography perform and think a sociality and notions of togetherness?’ she asks herself. Among her works are Unison, Cow’s Theory, Orpehus, and The Dance Concerts. ‘The non-massage dance’ and ‘Touching sessions’ are ongoing part of her practice. Currently she’s an artist in residence in WP Zimmer. She’s an active member of SOTA.

my body is history
my dance is history
my moves are history

future, past and present realities, down, up, across, over, sideways, traversing in multiple directions across my body

i am a witch, i am queer, i am an african slave, i am a woman, i am feminist, i am poor, i am native american, soy negra, soy morena,  latina, europea, soy basca, i’m a monster, i’m a swan, i am a tree, soy criolla, i am the atlantic ocean, i am a ballerina, i am maradona, i am margot fonteyn and ana pavlova, i am merce cunningham and josephine baker, i am the pampa.

Where? in my ankle? in my vocal chords? in my thigh muscles? in my butt? in my arms? in my mouth? molecules? cells? in my fantasies? in my thoughts? my tongue? my toes? my foot arch? where? and when? how can i be? how can i become? how do i embody? how can i embody? incorporate? where do i situate myself, the others, knowledge, understanding, thought, heritage?

experimenting with dance, experimental dance, dancing fully, experimenting with body, touching, researching dance, researching, dancing, reading,  searching, touching, tracing, dancing, touching, weaving histories and thoughts, reading, reading, searching, touching, learning is what i need to do.


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