Brenda van Geffen

Brenda van Geffen


Hi There!
My name is Brenda and I studied Scenography at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.
I am a very all-round person and within this study I was able to combine all of my interests and really made them come together. During my studies I went on an Erasmus exchange to Nottingham Trent University, England. In England I was able to learn more about materialisation and craftsmanship. The modern and conceptual approach to Scenography in Amsterdam was really compatible to the hands-on approach in England. In 2015 I assisted The Society of British Theatre Designers for an exhibition in The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Working with some amazing renowned UK designers was a fantastic experience and taught me not to be afraid of dreaming big. Furthermore I assisted at the costume department of Toneelgroep Amsterdam in the production The Hidden Force. The way Toneelgroep Amsterdam works really helped me to understand every part of the designing process in the work field.

During my graduation year I participated in many projects, especially music productions. I worked on three opera's and one experimental physical piece. My final essay Primal emotions in the public space was about my fascination for the effects of the (different ways of showing) nudity in theatre, performances, fine arts and society in general. During my essay I had a strong longing to develop a work around this particular subject, entirely initiated by myself. I wanted to step away from the "regular" theatre for a moment to design a work which crosses boundaries between theatre, fashion and fine art. Eventually I took a full year to dive into the subject and experimented with many materials. The work shows the human body made into a wearable product and relates itself to fetishism, identity and gender. The Wearable Body - unashamedly vulnerable in someone else's body became my first solo exhibition. Hopefully there will be many to come.

About me:
Lighting has always been something very magical to me. I really enjoy the variety in my work. I like to experiment, especially with materials. If I can I enjoy making every little piece of furniture for a set myself as well. I like to design my own fabrics. To me it is important a design is dynamic and transformable. Music and physicality is what triggers me the most in theatre and life in general. My fantasy takes me anywhere. Nothing is impossible, and otherwise, try harder. I enjoy to help characters built their roles by my costumes or sets. I am a very curious person. I enjoy to be surprised by life. Inspiration is in every little object and person around me. I hope to be working with dance or mime productions in the nearer future.

Overige projecten

Graduation projects

The Wearable Body - unashamedly vulnerable in someone else's body
Solo Exhibition
Concept, design and styling: Brenda van Geffen
Photography: Robert van der Ree and Brenda van Geffen
Music: Luke Deane
Video: Michiel Ubels

Lohengrin - Wagner
Royal Concertbuilding Orchestra - Choir DNO
Concertbuilding Amsterdam
Director: Ceacilia Thunnissen
Lighting: Jan Boiten
Costume and Mask: Brenda van Geffen

Die Fledermaus
Fontys Conservatory and Classical Music Theatre
Director: Jeroen Lopes Cardozo
Set: Hannah Krauss
Costume: Brenda van Geffen

Akasha - a brief theatre of everything
Rosa Ensemble Utrecht
Rotterdam Opera days 2016
Director/ composer: Daniel Cross
Lighting: Jan Boiten en Mike Rijnierse
Costume: Brenda van Geffen

Celebration of life
Theater academy production
Director: Espen Hjort
Set: Ruben Wijnstok
Lighting: Paul Romkes
Costume: Brenda van Geffen

Erasmus & internship
Nottingham Trent University - England (Erasmus)
Theatre Design, Life drawing, Masterclasses applied theatre, Global society

Toneelgroep Amsterdam - The Hidden Force
Costume department, costume assistance

Make/Believe UK Design for performance exhibition 2015 - Exhibition Assistant
The Society of British Theatre Designers
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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