A graduation performance by Anouk van Kolfschoten (Scenography - stage designer) and Floris Vermist (Technical Theatre Arts - technical producer).

I guess you'd call this a detective story; there are dull parts, but there's a murder in it. Also a broken heart so I guess it's a love story. Oh and everything's connected, it all loops back around, it's cool.

THUMOS is a graduation piece of Anouk van Kolfschoten (stage designer) and Floris Vermist (technical producer) directed by the young director Lola Bogaert. For this performance they collaborated with an international team of students, alumni, actors, dancers, musicians and designers.

Together they bring THUMOS, a not so true detective story.

Speellocatie & data
De Theaterschool, Jodenbreestraat 3, Amsterdam
13 - 15 January 2016




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