DasArts Master Proof: Stones

Master Proof Project by Agostina Muñoz (DasArts - Master of Theatre).

We hardly make work out of what we know. It is precisely through work that we try to understand. I started this process with Lorca’s Bernarda Alba text. I only kept one sentence from it: ‘My heart is gripped by so giant a force that, regardless of my wishes, it’s smothering me. There is a strong urge and an impossibility in that sentence. An inside and an outside in a battle or, better, in an affair.

I work with displacement – not to erase it, nor to explain it, but to explore it and even embrace it. Displacement as an in-between zone that we all have experienced. It’s the opposite of certainty. For me, it is about change, nostalgia and adventure.

Location & dates
Grootlab, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam
5 & 6 February 2016




With: Barbara Hang, Laura Lopez Moyano, Denise Groesman.
Advice: Aitana Vico Cordero, Edit Kaldor, Matias Capelli.

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