DasArts Master Proof: Human Simulation

Master Proof Project by Orion Maxted (DasArts - Master of Theatre).

What connects the transcription of protein P53 to the policies of Angela Merkel? What connects the collapse of Jim and Sam’s relationship to the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership? Or time to money? Human Simulation is an algorithmic performance, based on systems biology, that applies biology-like processes to language to create a bizarre non-linear world, interweaving vastly different scales - from the auto-regulation of the human cell to the drama of love and loss, and the causalities of international politics.

This all-too-human simulation of systems biology produces new forms of thinking and performance, whilst simultaneously suggesting that metaphor – the ability to interpret difference and connection as information – is fundamental to life.

Location & dates
Grootlab, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam
5 & 6 February 2016




Created in collaboration with: Chiara Wilde, Laura Mentink, Margo van de Linde.
Creative producer: Gina-Alina Patilea.
Advice: Frank Theys, Edit Kaldor, Prof. Hans V. Westerhoff

Thanks to: Jo van de Meij, Eva Kijlstra, Oguto Muraya, Alexander Nieuwenhuis, Lucas Evers, Špela Petrič, Jose Gavaldá García, Michael Portnoy, Annie Dorsen. 

Also supported by: MU, Eindhoven and the BioArt & Design Award.

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