Luca Hillen

Luca Hillen


In my work I am focussing on natural phenomena. Like wind, leaves, light, stars.

Inspiring within my research-progress is the movie The Jungle Book and trees both on the streets and in the forest.

My career in the show business I am expecting to be all-too-fleeting. So I am considering to move to a rural mansion doing excessive walks in the wetlands.  Besides, I would like to found a children's emergency fund.

There are some farms in Switserland where I would like to work. Taking care of the cows and learn how to make cheese.


a journey into [ ]

Centre of this work are clearly the senses. During the performance I am guiding the audience through a couple of experiments all based on natural phenomena. I am visualising light, highlighting details that are surrounding us all of the time: dust in the air, light, water, shadows, wind, the noise coming from the street.

Contrarily to classical theatre, here the attention is floating. It’s more like a garden, where one walks and looks around. Finding a silhouette against the light... So partly this piece lacks the traditional process of taking the audience with authority. The main event of the performance is not the performer but the action being introduced by the performer.

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