Ann Kathrin Granhus

Ann Kathrin Granhus

I love dancing because…
'It can bring me great joy, meaning and purpose. I love to create and explore movement. I like to excel, to learn more about it and to improvise with it. I like to explore different physicalities, and to take quick compositional choices in the now with a group. Taking up your knowledge and see what the moment needs.

For me dance is creativity. It is technique. It is musicality, and it can be theatrical. Dance is social. However, what I really like is when different elements come together and create those special communicative moments.

I think there is a lot to love about dance.'

Dance is…
'A very particular way of expressing yourself, one we all really need in this technological world. I’m a mover and I want to move other people through what I do. To share and to communicate. Dance is a beautiful art form that’s physical and in the now.'

What do you do

The graduation process was also a process. Working with half of my class for our graduation piece: what do you do? By Jos Baker, I learned a lot around many aspects. About dance itself, about these kinds of working for a dancer, and the exploration to make a one-hour piece. I got new aspects. I enjoyed it, and I am very happy for being part of this performance. I like it.

Overige projecten

  • Don.Gnu Physical Theater and Film(DK) Reharsing, Performing and Touring with their piece N.A.R.G for two months in Denmark, Sweden and Finland
  • Project X by Mute.Comp Physical theater(DK) Making a high tempo partnering performance in 3 weeks.
  • Skåne Dansteater(SE) joining company classes and watching reharsals for one month
  • Orginazing a MTD student performance at school and presenting some own choreographies and ideas there as well
  • Own work: solos, research in studio, a dancemovie, improvisation in outer spaces, duets, choreographies. Started working out ideas and physical materials for future productions.

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