(Some) Shapes of our Thoughts


Amsterdam Master of Choreography
Research Presentations 2015

Alice Chauchat
Michelle Moura
Michael O'Connor
Günther Wilhelm


by physical metaphors, imaged by staring eyes, individuated by groups,

moved by Kafka's words. The graduating participants of AMCh present

outcomes from their research on dynamic relationships between language,

body, image and states of consciousness.

On Saturday, the

audience is warmly invited to attend a full day program combining the

presentations together with additional reflections, including lectures

from Gawie Keyser and Nastja Säde Rönkkö.

Gourmet catering will be provided, during a break between the afternoon and evening presentations on Saturday.

Please reserve in advance for this special event.
Day program reservations will help the caterer plan the menu accordingly.

28, 29, 30 May 2015
Dansmakers aan 't IJ, Amsterdam


28 May
20:00 – Alice Chauchat / Michelle Moura

29 May
20:00 – Michael O'Connor / Günther Wilhelm

30 May – day program
14:00 – Alice Chauchat / Michelle Moura
followed with a guest speaker
17:00-19:00 break / food / drinks

17:00-19:00 break
19:00 – guest speaker
20:00 – Michael O'Connor  / Günther Wilhelm

€10,00 regular / €7,50 discount – for any double bill
€15,00 day ticket for Saturday – all 4 presentations, plus guest speakers

reservations & info: www.dansmakers.nl




Alice Chauchat  - Togethering, a group solo
dance, text, performance: Alice Chauchat
production: Alice Chauchat, with the support of the Theaterschool (Amsterdam)
thanks to: Eva Meyer-Keller, TheaterHaus Mitte (Berlin) and Eden studios (Berlin) for giving me access to their spaces.


also want to express my gratitude to the colleagues and friends who

joined and nourished this process by dancing and talking with me over

the last 18 months: Michael, Michelle, Günther, Sher, Jeroen, velvet,

Siegmar, Cécile, Christine, Alix, Peter, Dave, Eva, Jennifer, Silke,

Ellen, Anne, Valentina, Mark, Keith, Mårten, Philippe, Raimundas,

Arielle, Angela, Doug, Sara, Catarina, Ellen, Janine, Gabi, Méheli,

Sarah, Thea, Sara, Mattew, Asher, Agata, Joséphine, Katharina, Rosalind,

Roni, Laurie, Uri, Louise, Julia, Asaf, Xenia, Hana, Ana, Jennifer,

Anne, Sonia, Elise, Alice, Zinzi, Mor, Sandhya, Stina, Agne, Leah,

Antonia, Antonija, Selene, Ines, Hamish, Nicola, Amaara, Seke, Tatiana,

Naomi, Martin, Cristina, Karen, Tina, David, Jamie, Kathy, Carolyn,

Janine, Monique, Romany, Sophie, Andrew, Jonathan, Helka, Catherine,

Meg, Greg, Eroca, David, Nichole, Patricia, Rebecca, Gabrielle, Thomas,

Annie, Loren, Mairi, Tina, Meryeum, Oriah, Lo, Miruna, Ara, Amelia,

Robert, Amanda, Lee, Simon, Dana, Emi, Robert, Anne, Robyn, Emma, as

well as Yves, and all the other companions whose stories I tell like

fables. This work wouldn't exist without you.

Michelle Moura – BLINK
Creation: Michelle Moura
Performance: Clara Saito, Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Michelle Moura
Sound: Stefan Martin Schneider
Mentors: Alex Cassal, Elisabete Finger, Katerina Bakatsaki


Thanks to all people that shared time practicing with me during labs

that I have been leading, as well residencies : Maria Mavridou,

Christina Karagianni, Marta Ziółek, Bruna Spoladore, Thaisa Marques, Bia

Figueiredo, Bernardo Stumpf, Marila Velloso, Kusum Toledo, Maikon K,

Juliana Alves, Cena 11 (Alejandro Ahmed, Aline Blasius, Anderson do

Carmo, Dú Reisneto, Jussara Belchior, Karin Serafin, Marcos Klann),

Coletivo Lugar Comum (Conrado Falbo, Cyro Moraes, Liana Gesteira, Maria

Clara camarotti, Maria Agrelli, Renata Muniz, Silvia Góes, Virginia

Laraia), Malú Rabelo. With Cena 11 (Alejandro Ahmed...)



Michael O’Connor – Moving Around X: the x of y
Concept: Michael O'Connor
Performance: Samuel Feldhandler, Michael O’Connor
Music: Performed by Nina Simone, Written by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington
Music Arrangement and Sound Editing: Samuel Feldhandler
Video: Michael O’Connor
Text: M. Day, R. Feynman, M. Johnson, G. Lakoff, A. Lev, M. O’Connor, K. Pauer.
Materials: Michael O’Connor, Alexander Jackson Wyatt
Research Mentor: Guy Cools
Photo: Georg Scheu
Supported by: Wien Kultur, AHK Theaterschool, ImpulsTanz, Life Long Burning, Tanz Quartier Wien.

thanks to AMCh peers and staff, Karin, Alan, Katie, Moreen, Almu, Juan,

Xavi and Sam for engaging in the practice of this research.


Günther Wilhelm – I come into a room…
performance & concept: Günther Wilhelm
mentors: David Weber Krebs, Igor Dobricic
thanks to: Christoph Freyer, Mariola Groener, Ulrich Huhn, peers and staff from AMCh.

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