Nika Jankovic

Nika Jankovic

Docent dans

Performing arts, performer, maker, teacher


Listen only to advice, not to solutions.

Being a dancer is a constant challenge for me and that is one of the most attractive reasons for me to dance. To wake up every day knowing that there are still so many things that you do not know yet. Each day brings a (surprise) discovery.

To be able to involve myself in social and (inter)cultural, as well as artistic contexts is another reason why I chose to dance and take part in exchange of the experiences we own and seize to have.

Besides performing, I enjoy being part of educating young dancers and the youth which is not yet familiar with dance as a form of art. Seeing the transformation dance can cause in a young person’s life is a big inspiration for me, both personally and artistically.

Making the world a more playful place. Engaging others. Sharing.

My situation had reversed compared to what usually happens after a study. I came into the department with little versatility, with only one thing to do in mind. My choices did not have to be narrowed because “I knew exactly what I wanted”. For me, what this department did, is that it opened up the view of diverse possibilities which my profession offers in the world we are living today. I came into the education with one goal, I went out with millions.

The goal to become a dancer expanded onto becoming a performer that transcends the message of exchange of knowledge. In the field of performing arts, I would like to find a position in a dance company which will widen my views of versatility and my physical abilities, expand my power of transmitting the power of theater.


Besides all the realistic plans, I also have a big wish to start a dance camp programme for young people, with interest in theater, of different backgrounds, whether it is the dance/artistic background that is different, cultural or social. My goal would be to promote the versatility of art among youngsters so that the idea of total art becomes the base of their future creative process. To be able to expand their area of thinking when it comes to creation and to learn them to get involved with different art forms, not only their own. By doing so, I believe not only the appreciation of theater and art will grow but we could be facing amazing new changes and innovations, a new renaissance.


The way I see my future is that it combines performing, teaching and making. It will be difficult but I am dedicated to finding ways to innovate my schedules. Prioritizing and decision making is top priority on my list of to do’s, but what my choices are and will be based on is the importance that it makes for me and the affect it has on the places, people and environment I am involved in.

Mirror Mirror (performer), Roccito (teacher, maker)

Being a part of the Mirror Mirror cast with Conny Janssen Danst is my biggest personal achievement so far. It was a 23 years old dream to share the studio and stand on stage with a professional company. Having Conny Janssen Danst as my first experience was a luxury, an unforgettable experience.

Earlier on this year I had the opportunity to collaborate with ICK Amsterdam and The Krakeling theater, based on the performance Rocco by Emio Greco, theater maker Hiske Dijkstra and I made a performance Roccito for an elementary school in Amsterdam West. The exchange of knowledge that occurred during this process boosted my love for making theater, especially in the form of community art. Therefore I made a choreography From The Deepest Chest which was performed by amateur dancers, football and basketball players at the Amsterdam Student Festival in April. These kind of projects constantly remind me that I am in the arts for a special reason, not only for the aesthetics of it but also to connect the far and different worlds.



Next to my internship at Conny Janssen Danst and creating the performance in collaboration with ICK and The Krakeling, I also taught in versatile dance studios in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Reeuwijk and also in Croatia, where I am originally from In March I started working on the solo "Silky Hands" which is a research for a short movie project with Medina Resic. For more information see CV.

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