Lisa Hennig-Olsen

Lisa Hennig-Olsen

Moderne theaterdans

Dance and performance


School is just the start, it's what comes after that really matters. Be yourself, that's what lasts.

I am a dance artist interested in modern and contemporary dance as well as performance art.

I am currently the artistic leader of ELLE EM Project.

I wish to start my career as a professional dancer working collaborative with other artists from different disciplines. I am interested in the work field in Scandinavia, where I am from, but also very keen on developing in The Netherlands. In my work I am highly interested in how to connect with cinematography and light design is always of importance to me.

Abel Korzeniowski, 60's and 70's rock, travels, power and positive energy.

I will start out as a free lancer, doing projects cross borders, give workshops to fresh dancers to be part of their professional development and I will travel. To continue my exploration of choreography my first stop outside Europe is New York. Concerning my personal growth as a dancer I wish to get more down and dirty. I am a mover and drive on explosive energy. I will push my physical boundaries and dig into my personal interests now that I am free to do so. In seven years from now I have established my own dance company.


Lining up (to go insane)

A piece I created for five dancers. Based on Lars Von Trier's Antichrist and the tension of the point before madness.

Overige projecten

Works with/for Mute Comp. Physical Theatre and Stella Electrika. Solo performances at Ravnedans Festival and Kilden Performing Arts Centre. Traject with Conny Janssen Danst.


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