Some crosscuts of some of our improbable bodies

How do we make sense of our being into the world? How do we daily write the narratives by which we grant meaning to our life? How do we decipher the abundant flow of signs incessantly poured into our very self by our socio-cultural environment? Some crosscuts of some of our improbable bodies dives into these questions by setting up a practice of interpretative delirium, of extravagant narratives, of intensity and proliferation.

Drawings, a sentence on a paper, and dance pictures are laid on a table. Movement and speech will successively contribute to unfold the web of relations that is invisibly linking these documents. In this process, personal stories and collective history are mobilized in a chain of transformation. Kinesthetic experience, reflexivity, fantasy, emotions, world news, pictorial composition, past, present and future are all blended into the writing of a singular contemporary mythology of some sort.

The performance (45 min long) will be followed by a moment of exchange with the audience, allowing for questions and contextualization of the work within the two-years research.




Julien Bruneau (B) is a dancer, choreographer and visual artist based in Brussels and graduated from La Cambre. At the intersection of movement, drawing and language, his work investigates the dynamic interplay between interiority and collectivity. Since 2010, he gives his research the name phréatiques (aquifers) a project developed with the collaboration of M.Dalinsky, A. Llaurens, L.Myers, S. Si Ahmed and J. Peeters. In this frame he creates performances and dance pieces, but also drawings and installations shown in exhibition. Additionally, he is currently working on an on-line publication on Oral Site (Sarma). He often collaborates with people from outside the dance field – music, visual arts, photography, performed poetry, philosophy or anthropology – for set pieces, improvisation projects and researches. As a whole, his work addresses the interactions between the many layers of our being into the world (personal and impersonal forces, materiality and thought, past and present) And more importantly, it aims at invoking the ungraspable flow that animates these layers and percolates through them.

concept, co-creation: Julien Bruneau performance, co-creation:  Anouk Llaurens or Sonia Si Ahmed (alternatively) co-creation: Maya Dalinsky mentors: Lisa Nelson, Lilia Mestre, Alexandre Schellow thanks to Bains Connective, Sarma and Netwerk.  

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