HALf6 with Rich Medina - lecture about Afrofuturism

In cooperation with Amsterdamse Toneelschool & Kleinkunstacademie (ATKA) & John Agesilas.

The ADE-festival is in town and Rich Medina is one of their prominent guests. Because of this fact he comes over to the Academy of Theatre and Dance to give a lecture about Afrofuturism.

Afrofuturism is a cultural disposition born out of a need for individual expression and the belief in a life beyond life as we know it... a lens projecting Blackness toward an open minded galaxial tomorrow.
From Robert Lee Hooker’s early 20th century blues to Janelle Monae’s 21st century pop fusion. From Sun Ra’s space jazz of the 1960s and 70s to FKA Twigs and her international sonic and visual circus.
There’s a thread that connects these generationally diverse artists, their philosophies, and their relative presentations.
What exactly is Afrofutrism? An ideology? A construct? A way of life? Where did it begin? Where do we experience it today? Why does it even matter? On October 17th at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, we will explore those questions.

Be welcome
Thursday 17 October 17:30-19:00 hrs.
@ Tip Top Theatre / Academy of Theatre and Dance
Soup and drinks afterwards