This HALf6 edition is about puppet and object theatre.
Therefore the International Pop Arts Festival and the celebrated performance Mahler & Kokoschka by Ulrike Quade Company will take centre stage.

There is still an issue about puppet theatre... ‘puppet theatre is made for children'.
It seems as if this form of theatre is not considered to be mature, even at our academy.
But is it not pre-eminently a discipline where all is possible, including the use of dance, acting, text, visual arts, music and film?

Our guests are:
Ulrike Quade - director of the Ulrike Quade Company
Marijn Klaver - actor Mahler & Kokoschka  (alumnus-Amsterdamse Toneelschool&Kleinkunstacademie)
Frank Noorland - programmer International Pop Arts Festival / Theater Bellevue

This edition is in English.

Food en drinks afterwards.