Turbulent times

We are safe and sound in our Academy. But the world outside is changing rapidly. Refugees are fleeing their countries, global warming is a threat and populistic politicians are questioning or changing the truth.

What's happening? What can we do? How to relate to the outside world and 'the news of today'? We are artists but foremost we are humans, we all live in this world which  is not getting any friendlier.

With our guests Chris Keulemans (independent writer, journalist and mentor), Lenne Koning (mentor Gaoz), Justin van der Veen and Django Walon (students at GAOZ), we discuss the actual situation in the world and reflect on the latest GAOZ project (a project week at school about the relation between currect topics and theatre).

A special performance by Kathlyn Wuyts (student ATKA)

Stop ignorance and join our discussion.

Soup & drinks afterwards