Makers and breakers?

At the beginning of the new season, in the middle of the Dutch Theater Festival we dare to ask: what is the power and responsibility of those that produce, programme and curate in the performing arts? What is the impact of their choices? Which risks do they take? How do they relate to artists and (local) audiences? What are their concerns and proposals for the future of festivals and venues? And do they care about the next generation?

Join us in conversation with:

Walther van den Heuvel
, head programming, Rotterdamse Schouwburg
Nicole van Vessum, artistic director theaterfestival De Parade
Jeffrey Meulman, director of the Nederlands Theater Festival 
Dries Douibi, curator Bâtard Festival in Brussels

Monthly column by Loek Zonneveld

Soup and drinks afterwards. Be welcome and celebrate with us the first HALf6 of this season!

TIP: On the 6
th of September TF/Nieuwe Grond presents The Curators’ Piece (A Trial Against Art) in Het Veem Theater.