How to relate to an everchanging theatre space?

On 13 October during HALf6 director Jan Zoet will open the new hall of de Theaterschool, designed by Ruben Wijnstok (graduate Scenography) and Philippe Villevoy (graduate Design Academy Eindhoven)  

How to relate to an everchanging theatre space?
With this question we will open a conversation with scenographers and artists Theun Mosk, Maze de Boer, and Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink.

How do they think and speak about space, lighting, actors, theatre, the spectator and art? Does the conventional theatre space belong to the past?

  • Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink is teacher at the university of Utrecht at the department of Media en Performance Studies and author of the just published book Nomadic Theatre - Staging Movement and Mobility in Contemporary Performance. She is also a member of the Platform Scenography.

  • Theun Mosk works as a designer and scenographer mostly with director Jetse Batelaan, Marcus Azzini, Paul Koek and Boukje Schweigman.  He also works in opera, dance, museums and he creates installations.

  • Maze de Boer is a multidisciplinair artist who works with installation, film/video, theatre spaces and more. As a scenographer for theater he works mostly with Dutch director Eric de Vroedt and for German theatre companies.

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Be welcome and celebrate with us the official opening of the new hall!