First year

The first year focuses on the basics of craftsmanship. You expand your technical knowledge and look more closely at the issues of leadership and collaboration for example, while also broadening your perspective of art and culture. You learn to be more conscious of the artistic choices of makers because these dictate the technical realization of a production. You become familiar with the language used by a director, dramaturge or scenographer through assignments you make during lessons and by cooperating on projects at the academy. You work together with students from other disciplines to create fascinating stage productions.
At the end of the first study year, you will pursue an internship with a maker, ensemble, event, theatre or company.

Projects during the first year

In the course of six weeks you learn different ways of broadening your creativity and gain a better understanding of creative processes.

On location in a forest, you will explore the theme ‘Helden in de maatschappij’ (Heroes of society). Workshops will be held and you will be given assignments to complete. The week will be concluded with a presentation.

You learn how to use video techniques like projections and video mapping, but also the technicalities of operating cameras and how to edit images. The project week concludes with a presentation.