Does studying scenography make sense in times of COVID-19?

Yes! The current COVID-19 pandemic influences the Dutch education and therefore also within our study program. Naturally, we design the study programs on the basis of the national measures. This results in limitations, but we are pleased that these limitations have also resulted in new creative ways in the past year that have innovated education in various ways for the better. The core content of all study components remains intact, the form of the subjects is adjusted where necessary.

Because we fall under practical education, we now partially teach physically at our Academy, also in our scenography training. In doing so, we give priority to subjects that are less feasible without the space and facilities of the school, such as figure drawing, sewing instructions and video lessons. Courses that lend themselves more easily to online education, such as theory courses, are currently still taught online.

We see it as a challenge to keep thinking in terms of possibilities. And let the pandemic also actively question the future of our field and with it the curriculum of our training. We use it to further develop the study. We are happy and proud to see that our current students are also undergoing a very relevant development in their studies at this time and that, apart from feeling for the physical theatrical space, they are also developing a great awareness of the digital theatrical space. We keep an eye on the physical and mental health of our students and continue - also together with them - to look for a fine and constructive balance in the curriculum between online and offline education.