Study programme

The Production and Stage Management study programme trains students to function independently or as fully-fledged members of an artistic team. The artistic idea and its development are of prime importance and dictate how time, money and other means are utilized. Understanding the essence of how artistic ideas originate and under which conditions they thrive, is seen by the study programme as the most important condition for managing the process of theatre making.  

Education is divided into three clusters:

•    cluster production
•    cluster performing arts
•    cluster technique  

During the first two years emphasis is placed on acquiring the necessary basic knowledge and insight. You will follow theory lessons, practical training, workshops and make assignments. You will complete a number of projects and follow several short, well-orientated internships as supplement to the theory lessons.

During the graduation phase you will apply your acquired knowledge to carry out increasingly complex assignments. You work together regularly with students from other disciplines, follow various internships and gain valuable practical experience by undertaking projects in the professional field.