The programme

The programme: We, the team and I, create in society.  

The three main terms in the above slogan form the learning lines of the programme. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd year form the basis for developing your skills in theory and practice.
• As part of the learning line ‘The team and I’, you follow subjects like management, organisation, communication, writing a subsidy application and presentation.
• For the learning line ‘Creating’, you follow subjects like cultural policy, law, finance, marketing and theatre technique. This helps you develop a valuable collection of skills for your role as producer in the performing arts.
 • The learning line ‘Society’ provides a broad but sturdy foundation and includes subjects like dramaturgy and philosophy.  
• You become acquainted with many disciplines in the performing arts, from opera and musicals to hip-hop and everything in-between.
• During your study you determine your own learning path to a large extent by compiling your own internship package. From the second study year onwards, OPP interns are very much in demand over the full breadth of the performing arts field.

4th year: your personal programme  
The fourth year is completely customized to your individual needs. Your interests and specialisation take centre stage. You will follow an internship to deepen your knowledge of the particular field you have chosen.  During your final year, you also produce a graduate production at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in collaboration with students from other study programmes.