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Admission and selection

To be admitted to the Technical Production associate degree programme, you must have a MBO4-diploma Podium- en Evenemententechniek (PET) (Podium and Event Technique) or have acquired broad  experience in the professional field. You should also have a basic command of English because the study programme regularly works with (international) guest teachers and at the academy you are expected to collaborate with students of different nationalities.



A maximum of 10 students are admitted every year. Due to a surplus of applications, the study programme has a selection procedure. Technical Production students are expected to actively participate in an artistic process which demands they have a keen interest in art and culture and are enthusiastic, critical, creative and opinionated. As study programme we want to reflect the society we live in by being as inclusive as possible. This is a continuous learning process and we welcome input from both students and teachers. During the open selection procedure, we will ask you about your experience and ambitions and how you hope to realise them. On the basis of information gained,  we will compile a team of students that together embark on the two-year study course.

How do you sign up?

  • Register via Studielink. This is possible from 1 December 2021.
  • Keep in mind that you need a DigiD for your registration. It takes a few days to apply for it.
  • In Studielink you choose the AD - Technical Production course. You will receive the link to your personal registration form, with which you register for the selection procedure. We cannot process your application without this complete registration.
  • This application form asks for a recent passport photo, personal details, previous education, any work experience and a motivation letter.
  • After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email.

Based on this application form and motivation, it will be decided whether you will be invited for the next round of the selection procedure.


The deadline for submitting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year is May 15, 2022.

The selection day consists of a workshop, an interview with the head of studies and a talk with (former) students. The date of the selection day is June 9, 2022.



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