What can you do after your study?

The job of a technical producer is to bring together different disciplines. This means that for a graduate technical producer, professional practice offers a variety of prospects; besides the podium arts field you can also apply for jobs in other areas. Thanks to the creative tools you have been equipped with by the study programme,  you can deploy your talents on a broad front in the professional sector. You have technical and artistic expertise that guarantees you a key position in creative teams.  

After completing this abridged HBO study programme, you can progress to the third year of our four-year bachelor study programme, Design & Technology with the specialisation technical producer.
To facilitate this transition, you will follow a bridging programme during the first semester with a number of subjects from the second year of the bachelor programme. This ensures compatible competence levels. In the second semester you will embark on the third year with the project, ‘Mythological Melancholic Manifest’.