First year

The first year has a broad scope, aimed at acquiring knowledge and working backstage at events and various podia. In addition to practical subjects like sound and lighting, there are also subjects like ARBO (work health and safety requirements), art appreciation, dramaturgy and philosophy. Moreover, you  learn how to work with 3D drawing programmes like SCAD and Vectorworks. This combination of theory and practical subjects forms the basis of the first year. As the year progresses, you become better acquainted with the terminology used by directors, scenographers or dramaturges while carrying out lesson assignments and collaborating on projects. You learn how to use theatre technique to enhance what is happening on stage.

  • During lessons on sound technique, you learn about hearing, microphones, transmitters, loud speakers, mixing desks and acoustics. You also work on combining poetry and music and create a soundtrack for a short film. In this way you learn how sound can influence a dramatic scene.
  • You are taught the basics of lighting: the first steps for making a lighting design and how to implement it. You will learn all about conventional and LED lighting as well as the use of moving light. Moreover, during the first year you are also taught the fundamentals of programming light computers.
  • During technical production lessons you learn what to consider when selecting  materials for stage scenery, the best way to draw up a budget and the responsibilities of managing a production. You learn about the role a technical producer plays in a team and how a creative process unfolds from the first production meeting all the way to the premier of a new show.

Projects in the first year

During a 6-week period you learn about different ways to expand your creativity and hence gain a better understanding of creative processes.


You will work on the theme ‘Helden in de maatschappij’ (Heroes in society) on location in a forest. Workshops on this theme are given and you will carry out assignments. The week is concluded with a presentation.


Standard lighting methods vary significantly for differentforms of podium arts. You are asked to design a lighting plan for a certain genre which you subsequently construct with your classmates. You are in charge of realizing your own idea.



During productions, timing is crucial for evoking a wow experience among the audience. With your class you will make a collective lighting plan and install it in one of the theatre auditoriums at the academy. You compose a lighting programme with special focus on the timing of given cues that are based on a song you have chosen.


At the end of your first year you and your class will be asked to organise the diploma presentation of the fourth-year students. Anything is possible, whether it be a performance, pub quiz or treasure hunt, you are totally free in your choice of a theme! As long as your guests and future colleagues have an enjoyable evening and go home afterwards with their diplomas.




The deadline for choosing your specialisation falls in the spring. You can opt for lighting design, sound design or technical production.    


Timelaps - Light a Song project