House rules of the Academy

Since the 2020-2021 academic year, the Academy for Theatre and Dance has drawn up a number of new house rules to limit the spread of Corona virus as much as possible. See below.

  • Stay home if you have Corona-related symptoms. Cough or sneeze in the crook of your elbow. Wash or disinfect your hands as much as possible;
  • When you return from an area that has been declared code orange or red by the authorities you are obliged to remain in quarantine for ten days before you can go back to school;
  • Students and staff are only allowed to enter the school premises if they plan to follow a scheduled activity. Their stay in the building should limit itself purely to the activity in question;
  • If your name is not on the roster but you need to be at school, you must register at the reception desk;
  • Non-medical face masks are mandatory on entrance, in the corridors and stairwells. They may only be removed in classrooms, studios and auditoriums;
  • For every room, depending on its size, a maximum has been set for the number of people allowed to congregate there. The maximum number is clearly posted on the door of the room;
  • A team of professional cleaners will clean the school building every morning. At the reception desk and in the classrooms and auditoriums, extra cleaning materials are available if you wish to make sure surfaces are clean;    
  • Social distancing of 1,5 metres must be maintained by everyone. This also applies to classmates and student housemates;
  • The canteen is open. Face masks may only be removed if you are seated at a table. Markings on the floor indicate where chairs should be placed;
  • Lifts may only be used by technical personnel, disabled people or people with a large amount of luggage;
  • Signposting throughout the entire building indicates in which direction you are obliged to walk. In narrow corridors, right of way applies;
  • Make sure the room you occupy is well ventilated.

Before realizing a production, you as a technical producer in the work field and also as a student at the academy are required to draw up a Productie Risico Inventarisatie en Evaluatie (A risk evaluation and inventorization of the planned production) (PRI&E). Since the reopening of the academy in September 2020, you are also expected to fill in an additional document: the Corona Risico Inventarisatie en Evaluatie (A Corona risk inventorization and evaluation) or CRI&E. Here you should outline what steps you have taken to limit as much as possible the potential risk of Corona infection among cast, crew and audience. This document must be approved by the Facilitaire Zaken (Facilitatory Services) before you can start work on a production.

The selection procedure for the 2020-2021 academic year was conducted entirely online. We were relatively pleased with the possibilities offered by this method. It is probable that the selection procedure for the 2021-2022 academic year will again be carried out in this manner but currently we cannot confirm this.


From March 2020 through July 2020, all lessons were held online. This proved  far from ideal due to the practical nature of many lessons. Because the classes of the Design & Technology study programme consist of a maximum of 12 students, live education was largely reinstated as of September 2020.   However, as a precaution, a number of theoretical subjects are still given online, for example dramaturgy and ARBO. From block 2 (19 October) onwards, all lessons will be live. If you feel uncomfortable about following live lessons, please consult with the head of studies about an alternative form of study. If the situation regarding the pandemic deteriorates, education will largely or completely return to an online format


Currently there is a shortage of internships in the Netherlands. The study programme does its best to find suitable internships for all its students and thanks to its extensive network has up till now, succeeded in its aim.


Our work field is presently under a lot of pressure. However, sooner or later this pandemic will pass and events will always be staged in one form or another. People are constantly in search of ways to entertain themselves or others or to create something. Students can take advantage of the broad scope of the study programme and how it adapts to the interests of its students. Moreover, when we consider the current low ebb in the events industry, a student at school with his/her gained expertise is maybe in the best position to capitalize from the situation when it returns to normal.