Faculty and Instructional Staff

  • Artistic director: Barbara Van Lindt
  • Student counsellor: Juul Beeren
  • Coordinator educational platform: John Meijerink
  • Production manager: Vera van Baal

    Contact: dastheatre@ahk.nl

Barbara Van Lindt (BE) studied philosophy and theatre science in Antwerp and Leuven. She worked for Antwerpen Culturele Hoofdstad van Europa 1993 as staff member for the performing arts. She gained experience in various centres for the arts: communication in Monty (Antwerp) and programming in STUK (Leuven).

In 1997 Van Lindt founded the theatre laboratory Gasthuis in Amsterdam, where she was artistic director until the end of 2001. In 2002 Barbara Van Lindt returned to Belgium to lead wp Zimmer, a laboratory for dance and performance. Since 2006 she works as programmer for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels.

From 2007-2009 Barbara Van Lindt was involved with the Master of Theatre programme as an advisor for the students. Since 1 June 2009 Barbara Van Lindt is the managing director of DAS Theatre.

The student counsellor provides information and advice and caters to a student's specific needs. The student counsellor may also refer to other bodies inside or outside the AHK. Discussions with the student counsellor are always confidential.

Students can contact Juul Beeren for information and advice on all kinds of (practical) matters connected with the study, for example: laws and regulations, study grants, insurance, difficulties with the study course, exceptional circumstances that influence participation in the programme, terminating or interrupting the course, visas and residence permits, complaints and appeals procedures.

The student counsellor focuses on the student’s general development and functioning. 

In the role of a coach, Beeren can assist a student in acquiring additional skills or help optimize conditions for artistic research being undertaken. As team coach, she engages in a structural dialogue with the year group, in so called Process Meetings during the first year, and as process coach in preparation for the Contextual during the second year.

Andrea Božić is a choreographer from Croatia, living and working in Amsterdam. She graduated from the School for New Dance Development and DAS Choreography, both at de Theaterschool Amsterdam. Her work is interdisciplinary and takes form of live performance, installation and collaborations with the weather.

Together with visual artist Julia Willms and music composer Robert Pravda she founded interdisciplinary platform Tilt, to inspire and support artistic practice and thinking beyond disciplines.

Jeroen Fabius (NL) works as co-ordinator of the DAS Choreography at the Academy of Theatre and Dance of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. He has taught dance history and anthropology at the School for New Dance Development since 1991. Fabius studied Anthropology and Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, and Choreography at the School for New Dance Development. Since then he has worked for ten years as a choreographer, dancer and actor, and now he regularly works as a dramaturge.

Edit Kaldor mixes documentary and fictional elements in her work and often collaborates with nonprofessional actors. Her performances tend to integrate the use of various digital media in a sophisticated but straightforward way. Kaldor (originally from Budapest) studied English Literature and Theatre at Columbia University in New York and at University College in London, and worked for years as a dramaturge and video-maker with Peter Halasz (Squat Theater/Love Theater, New York).

After receiving her degree at DasArts (now DAS Theatre), she started making her own theatre performances, which have received international acclaim.

Robbrecht works as a theatremaker, performer and playwright. After having studied German literature and linguistics in Ghent, he graduated in Theatre Directing at the Academy of Theatre and Dance (AHK).

Robbrecht creates performances independently, supported by Show Machine, his production structure. Besides that he co-produces and collaborates as a writer and performer with various theatre collectives such as Moeremans&Sons, Dood Paard, de Warme Winkel and tgOostpool. Next to his artistic practice he has been working as a tutor at the University of Amsterdam and at Artez in Arnhem.

Lara Staal is a curator, programmer and dramaturg. She studied Theatre Pedagogy at ArtEZ in Arnhem and Theatre Science & Dramaturgy at the University of Amsterdam. From 2013 to 2016, she worked as a programme maker at Frascati Theater, where she co-curated the Something Raw Festival and created socio-political programmes that developed connections between art and other domains.

Next to her work as a curator and programmer (amongst others still at Frascati), she writes for cultural magazines such as rekto:verso, TM and Etcetera, moderates discussions and is a member of Het Transitiebureau, a fluid institute that develops and manifests itself continuously with other partners and institutions and seeks alliances between theatre and society.

Mentors & Individual Advisors

Germaine Acogny (SN), Lindy Annis (USA), Antonia Baehr (D), Rob Berends (NL), Jan van den Berg (NL), Cornel Bierens (NL), Igor Dobricic (SRB), Erica Bilder (D), Janine Brogt (NL), Marianne Brouwer (NL), Shu Lea Cheang (USA), Anne van Delft (NL), Maatschappij Discordia (NL), Hein Eberson (NL), Pol Eggermont (NL), Norman Frisch (USA), Pascale Gatzen (NL), Boris Gerrets (NL), Richard Gough (GB), Rob de Graaf (NL), Dirk Groeneveld (NL), Ant Hampton (GB), Tim Harrison (UK), Günther Heeg (D), Lino Hellings (NL), Sébastien Hendrickx (B), Benda Hofmeyr (ZA), Hannah Hurtzig (D), John Jesurun (USA), Edit Kaldor (HU/NL), Joe Kelleher (GB), Chris Keulemans (NL), Marianne van Kerkhoven (NL), Anna Koos (USA), Willemijn Lamp (NL), John Malpede (USA), Bettina Masuch (D), Julian Maynard Smith (GB), Helen Medland (UK), Dennis Molendijk (NL), Rabih Mroué (LB), Titus Muizelaar (NL), Richard Murphet (GB), Soheila Najand (IR), Ong Keng Sen (SG), Dirk Pauwels (BE), Paul Perry (CN), Ibrahim Quraishi (USA/F/PAK), Barbara Raes (BE) Lina Saneh (LB), Ricky Seabra (USA/BR), Threes Schreurs (NL), Stuart Sherman (USA), Gabriel Smeets (NL), Jeannette Smit (NL),  Peter Stamer (D), Michael Stolhofer (A), Steim (NL), Moniek Toebosch (NL), Bruno Verbergt (BE), Dirk Verstockt (BE), Kees Vuyk (NL), Michel Waisvisz (NL), Siegmar Zacharias (D).

The Block takes place in winter/spring; a ten week period. It is a collective, intense programme, designed by invited guests, who curate a joint exploration of a certain theme, motif or curiosity. Read more

Kristina Andersen (NL), Miguel Angel Melgares (ES), Petra Ardai (NL/H), Han Bakker (NL), Nicole Beutler (NL), Lex Bohlmeier (NL), Kees Bolten (NL), Silvia Bottiroli (I), Tone Brulin (B), Anne Bogart (US), Mark Borkowski (GB), Marian Boyer (NL), Andrea Bozic (NL), Ritsaert ten Cate (NL),  Guy Cools (B), Hans Petter Dahl (N), Erik Disselhoff (NL), Mike Dixon (GB), Igor Dobricic (SRB), Pol Eggermont (NL), Lucas Evers (NL), Emile Fallaux (NL), Anke Feuchtenberger (D), Angelika Finger (NL), Konstantia Georgelou (GR), Boris Gerrets (NL), RoseLee Goldberg (USA), Richard Gough (GB) , Rob de Graaf (NL), Peter Greenaway (GB), Dora van der Groen (B), Dirk Groeneveld (NL), Harco Haagsma (NL), Graham Harwood (GB), Machteld Hauer (D), Gonnie Heggen (NL), Angela Heuser (D), Jean Hellwig (NL), Maarten van Hinte (NL), Johan de Hollander (B), Nan Hoover (USA), Hannah Hurtzig (D), Zhana Ivanova (BG/GB), Erwin Jans (B), Marien Jongewaard (NL), Edit Kaldor (NL/H), Hazim Kamaledin (IQ), Orselien Kammeron (NL), Mart Kangro (EE), Chris Keulemans (NL), Marianne van Kerkhoven (NL), Suchan Kinoshita (J/D/NL), Paul Koek (NL), Guilly Koster (NL) , Erik Kouwenhoven (NL), Guus Kuijer (NL), Jan Langedijk (NL), Liet Lenshoek (NL), Andre Lepecki (USA), Barbara Van Lindt (B), Babeth van Loo (NL), Otto Macel (NL), Ola Mafalaani (SY/D/NL), Aernout Mik (NL), Bojana Mladenovic (SRB), Snejanka Mihaylova (BG), Viviane De Muynck (B), Susan Norrie (AUS), Soheila Najand (IR), Quirine Racke/Helena Muskens (NL), Paul Pourveur (B), Annemarie Prins (NL), Marie Antoinette Reuten (NL), Sanne van Rijn (NL), Jan Ritsema (NL), Adelheid Roosen (NL), Felix de Rooy (NL), Threes Schreurs (NL), Pieter C. Scholten (NL), Hooman Sharifi (N/IR), Gabriel Smeets (NL), Meera Syal (GB),m Robert Steijn (NL),m Fiona Tan (NL) , Michelle Teran (NL) , Koos Terpstra (NL), Danae Theodoridou (GR), Frank Thys (B), Pieter T'Jonck (B), William Torres (CO), Ivar van Urk (NL), Ulay (NL/D), Sonja van der Valk (NL), Paul van de Velde (NL), Marc Vanrunxt (B), Mieke Versyp (B), Dirk Verstockt (B), Sjoerd Wagenaar (NL), Charles Villa Vicencio (ZA),Michel Waiszvisz (NL), David Weber Krebs (B), Anne Wellmer (D), Etoy Zai (CH) 

Professional theatre makers and dance artists share their work with a public, at the conclusion of an intensive two years masters research period. Read more about the DAS Master Presentations


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