Sofia Dinger - A song to hear you arriving

After what happened, I can not continue to speak exactly the same way I spoke before. I can not and I do not want to. I want to mark the differences: to witness that things do matter. That sometimes we really do not know what to do with our own voices.

Even writing this seems a bit excessive, as if every word I choose is in  itself a betrayal. And the truth is that between what I am writing now and what will be read, so many minutes will pass that when we arrive there (you, me, the dead one, the saint, the ghost, the friend and the mother), we will all be so different that perhaps this little text will be a lie. I can not promise otherwise. What I can assure you is that I've been hearing a lot of music because it consoles me, my love.

My hands smell like food, I do not think it is proper to write to you with hands that smell like this, like slick pizza which just arrived in a motorcycle. Today is a day of celebration, it´s my birthday and a friend from Macedonia offered me a huge bouquet of flowers and a postcard with a dog and an airplane, the perfume of lilies takes over the room. When you read this, there will be no perfume of lilies here, I think.

My love, this idea that you can not remember me.

Date & tickets

  • Date: 2 June 2018 | start programme 17:00 - end 23:00 /// buy ticket €7,50*

    *includes our traditional serving of soup & bread

    Location: DAS Graduate School