Contextual Spring 2013 Heaven-earth-man

Every year, DasArts organises the ‘Contextual’: a two-week collective learning programme, or situation, curated by students.

This year’s Contextual, entitled Heaven-Earth-Man, was organised by DasArts participants Bojan Djordjev and Sonja Jokiniemi. “The idea was to design a working environment in which we could explore the notions of emptiness, silence and invocation. An environment for turning inward as an alternative way of thinking politically in the performing arts,” said Bojan.
The Contextual took place in two locations: France (a week-long residency at the Performing Arts Forum, PAF) and Amsterdam (DasArts). The stay at the PAF was intended to provide participants with time for reflection, and an inspirational setting in which to work. During the second week, three different artists were invited to give workshops in Amsterdam: Olivier Provily, Mette Edvardsen and Michael Kliën. Bojan explains: “They were chosen as representatives of three very different author-poetics in their fields.” DasArts participant Maria Lalou said of the workshops: “All three of the workshops were intriguing. […] They were all about time: the perception of time and the body in space and time. All of the workshops took a kinaesthetic approach.”