Contextual Spring 2012

Every spring semester Das Arts stages a ‘Contextual’, a short and intensive education programme conceived and designed by the students.  They reflect upon the question: what interests all of us currently in art practice? Which personal fascination, practice, knowledge can I share with my colleagues and in what way?

The students submit a proposal. The different proposals are explained, everyone gives their verdict and bearing in the mind the students’ preferences, the educational team decides on the definite contents for the programme. During Spring Semester 2012 the proposal by DasArts student Manolis Tsipos was selected. He proposed a DasArts visit to his homeland of Greece. In an occupied theater in Athens, and a mountainside eco-village, DasArts students investigated alternative modes of production.

Manolis about his proposal:
"My proposal was selected this year and it addressed the question: ‘what is the function of art in times of crisis?’During the visit, we encountered two examples of experimentation that deal with same question: we visited an occupied theater in Athens, and an alternative eco-community in the mountains on the island of Evoia. In both cases, people were creating a new reality that wasn’t there before; an open potential."