Contextual Spring 2010

The Contextual ran from 29 April 2010 – 11 May 2010
The Spring Semester started in February 2010 and ended on 31 August 2010

Participating artists:
Jaco Bouwer (ZA), Anton Bulayev (UKR/USA), Ntando Cele (ZA), Steffi Hensel (D), Maria Kefirova (BG/CAN), Nir Nadler (NL/IL), Luca Andrea Stappers (NL)

During the Spring Semester 2010 a collective two week programme was designed by the students in which they contextualized issues relevant to their practice entitled: "Remaining in a state of constant departure while always arriving"

The students report on their experiences during the Collective Contextual Programme:

"We were given the opportunity to design a period of two weeks, a reality-based, outside-of-the-classroom experience with the challenge for us to decide upon one idea together and create a programme artistically & logistically inspiring for all participants to be engaged in. Group dynamics and self-organization played an important role in this project; it has been about making creative choices together and being responsible for them. We decided to visit Tokyo; putting ourselves in an alien environment in order to experience contrasts in a hybrid world of tradition/post-modernism, technology /Tea ceremony, Kabuki/karaoke.

We have created a framework in which our preconceptions and expectations of Tokyo would be explored devising a strategy to discover the unexpected, similar to Columbus who discovered America while looking for India. This project was not about ‘consuming’ experiences in an exotic land but mainly about a collective journey in which each artist devices an experience for the rest of the participants; an opportunity to view Japan through his/hers artistic spectacles.

On the 15 of June we, the Contextual participants, gave an informal presentation, in which this experimental project was reflected upon in DasArts headquarters. A 1st preview into our adventures through the land of Risen sun shown in images, and stories."