Block Spring 2008 - Renting the Shade of a Tree

3 March 2008  to 9 May 2008
The Semester started on 1 March 2008 and ended on 31 August 2008

Mentors: Dirk Verstockt (B) and Ricky Seabra (USA/BR)
Participating artists: Ivo Dimchev (BG); Camilla Milena Fehér (D); Petter Alexander Goldstine (N/USA); Steven de Jong (NL); Linda Molenaar (NL); Snejanka Mihaylova (BG); Stephanie Pan (USA); Christian Thompson (AUS); Nadia Tsulukidze (GE)

The culture of fear that is rapidly getting the world in its grip stems from a vast array of developments in human societies and from the burden that our numbers are placing on the biosphere, our only and necessary ‘umbilical cord’ to what keeps us alive. This is becoming an impossible situation. As more and more awareness is being created, people are becoming more or less forced to actively think about and work on all different kinds of possible solutions to the vast waves of problems that will keep coming our way for the next century and counting.

Societies need to go through profound changes in order to keep the world viable for human beings. Since humans are ‘predators’ at the top of the ecological pyramid, they also form a cornerstone that can keep that pyramid intact for man and nature. If the ‘Nature Based Internet’ collapses, the consequences are incalculable.

Capitalism is not prepared to sustain its own greed over the long run, but it is the dominant economical system, give or take a few leftovers from the socialist experiments for New Societies in the 20th century (think Cuba, Burma, North Korea…). The push for total globalization is at one and the same time a disaster and possibly a part of the solutions. Or not?

Guest teachers
Abattoir Fermé (B); Patrick Allegaert (B); Joris Bruyninckx (B); Jan De Pauw (B); Filip Deheeger (B); Geheimagentur (D); Irma Firma (B); Stefan Kochanek (B); Maya van Leemput (B); David van Reybrouck (B); Joop Rutgers (NL); Wouter Sinaeve (B); Raymond Six (B); Robert C. van Waning (NL); Adam Zaretsky (USA); Gijs van Zonneveld (NL)