Block Spring 2006 - The Political Body

20 February 2006 to 28 April 2006
The semester started on 1 March 2006 and ended on 31 August 2006

Ibrahim Quraishi (PAK/USA/F) and Gabriel Smeets (NL)

Participating artists:
Danai Anesiadou (GR/B), Isaac Calos (ANG), Sybille Cornet (B), K.G. Guttman (CA), Norberto Llopis Segarra (E), Kaisu Koski (FI), Sarah van Lamsweerde (NL), Bojana Mladenovic (SER), Rodrigo Pardo (AR), Janja Rakus (SLO), Borut Separovic (NL/HR), Seon-Ja Seo (KR), Marloeke van der Vlugt (NL)

On how political a body
Is/has to be/could be/should be/wants to be/lacks to be/tries to be/avoids to be/needs to be

The Political Body: a conceptual reality in-transition, was a ten week series of lectures and workshops specifically designed to proactively deal with the role and representation of the body in all its different facets. While focusing on the conflictual socio-cultural lens during ten weeks, we adressed the body's representation and symbolic manifestations in a multi-dynamic context within its own performative reality. In treating the culturally transformed body through the prism of performative realities and through the prism of a real-time confrontation, looked at the body struggling through its own imprisoned archetypes. Through distinguished guests we reflected on the politics of the body by way of the skin, the notion of race, sexual preference, physical and cultural manipulation, religious and political ideologies. We examined the body through the microscope of its individual placement and its historical connections inside our current ideological systems.
The block created  awareness of the many different qualities connected to the body and enabled our artists/participants to make clear decisions on the use of the body in their future works and creations.
Guest teachers:
Shirin Neshat (IR), Coco Fusco (USA), Tanya Reinhart (IL), Raimund Hoghe (D), Bojana Kunst (SLO), Maaike Bleeker (NL), Rosa Sanchez/Alain Baumann : KONIC Thtr (E/F), Walid Breidi (LB),Vijay Iyer (USA), Pamela Z (USA), Mike Ladd (USA), Hooman Sharifi (IR/N), Oscar Munoz Galeano (CO), Stefan Kaegi: Rimini Potokol (D), AZIZ (NL) and Oumar Mbengue Atakosso (SN), guest artist/food design