Block Autumn 2004 - Discordia

11 September 2004 to 19 November 2004
The semester started on 1 September 2004 and ended on
28 February 2005

Maatschappij Discordia: Jorn Heijdenrijk (NL), Elske van de Hulst (NL), Maureen de Jong (NL), Matthias de Koning (NL), Annette Kouwenhoven (NL), Jan Joris Lamers (NL), Miranda Prein (NL)

Participating artists:
Saar Frieling (NL), Jeanette Groenendaal (NL), Steve Heather (AUS), Tashi Iwaoka (J), Rima Kaddissi (LB), Claire Leenaers (NL), Zbigniew Maciak (PL), Jan Mech (D), Nicola Nord (D), Hila Peled (IL), Janja Rakus (SLO), Anat Stainberg (IL)

Activities and presentations:

  • Physical trainings with Patrice Kennedy (NL)
  • Theatre trainings with Anne Buurma (NL)
  • Sessions drawing and authenticity with Rob List (USA)
  • Peripateticon, theoretical walkings with discordia
  • Group discussions with members of discordia
  • Lunches and diners at discordia and DasArts


  • Konsert 1- 4, internal presentations: small presentations  by the participants, which have taken place every Friday at Discordia and at DasArts
  • The final presentations on 17-21 November Open Lab  – op onze tooneelen, everything teaches except experience were cancelled
  • The participants showed their individual works in a Surprise Open Lab presentation on 7 February 2005

Guest teachers:

Anne Buurma (NL), Patrice Kennedy (NL), Rob List (USA), Jack Moore (USA), Loek Zonneveld (NL), Helmert Woudenberg (NL)