Block Autumn 2003 - Media, Mediality, Community

15 September 2003 to 21 November 2003
The semester started on 1 September 2003 and ended on
28 February 2004

Günther Heeg (D)

Participating artists:
Guy Amitai (IL), Petra Ardai (NL/H), Oumar Mbengue Atakosso (SN), Ali Cherri (LB), Hassan Choubassi (LB), Galia Eibenschutz (MX), Roberta Marques (BR), Nicola Nord (D), Marta Pisco (P), Rebeca Sanchez Aguilar (MX), Alessandro Nico Savino (I), Bram de Sutter (B)

Community is what we desire. But community as we have known it until now is based upon exclusion, annihilation and sacrifice in the name of a higher purpose, of higher values and principles. Actually, the concept of community as the pure, immanent order is not – as some would argue – the counterpart to a ‘cold’ society, but the ideological complement to the struggle to survive amidst increasing social, ethnic and religious differences and conflicts in the age of globalization. Being mediated and not authentic in a world of medias is what we fear.

During the block tried to develop the connections between community, media and mediality in a very concrete way. We started by experiencing the paranoid type of community, living together with the therapists and clients of the psychiatrical clinic Duin en Bosch (Castricum), and then we explored the phantasma of political communities by undertaking an experiment of ‘collective actions’. Under the direction of artists working on intermedial projects, dicovered artistic ways of dealing with a specific medium in order to experience the mediality of community/ mediality as community. Trying out, discovering, exposing and performing our own form of community life was the final highlight of the block. We prepared it through the medium of rhetorical self-presentation and communication and celebrated it through the medium of a great feast.

Guest teachers:
Franko B. (GB), Homi K. Bhabha (GB) Herbert Cybulska (D) Kattrin Deufert (D), Henny Eleonora (NLA), Al Goergen (I), Jean Jourdheuil (F), Ying Pang (USA), Thomas Plischke (D), Mikhail Ryklin (RU), Sergej Romashko (RU), Richard Schechner (USA), Nora Somaini (CH), Stephan Strick (D), Erik Temmerman (B), Dagmar Ulrichs (D)