DAS Theatre Master presentation: Kerogen Voices by Jimmy Grima

Friday 10 July 2020, 20:00 - 22:00 hrs.

Practical Information

About Kerogen Voices

Last September, Jimmy Grima started his research on human­-made earthquakes. It was envisioned to be a live act with a cast of actors, singers, a choir, live music, visuals... a collective listening experience for an audience in a theatre venue. Then, the collective experience could no longer happen. Over months of quarantine, they, the Kerogen Voices, stayed hand­-in-­hand with the artwork. They tried to imagine the soundtrack of an unfinished performance. They worked on text and music, recorded their voices on different devices, from different cities and continents, stuck in their homes, or bound to singing under a bridge. Now, they would like to share the SOUND of Kerogen Voices (55 minutes) with you on July 10th. The radio play will be available between 20:00 - 22:00 CET at https://www.kerogenvoices.club/

About Jimmy Grima

Jimmy is an artist-curator. His trans-disciplinary practice is involved with the politics of memory and archiving. He is particularly interested in the disappearance of local knowledge and has an affinity for the relations between humans and nature. Between 2015-2017 he directed the Windrose Project, a multiple-site community-led research project harvesting local knowledge on winds. Song of a Bird (2018-ongoing) is a live archive documenting the collaboration with the microcosm of nature enthusiasts who can sing and call like migratory birds: the Maltese bird-trappers. Jimmy is the founder of the rubberbodies collective (2009). Jimmy is based in Amsterdam and is currently a resident at DAS Theatre.