Alumni DAS Choreography and DAS Theatre selected for 3Package Deal

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Fifteen up-and-coming (inter)national artists from a variety of disciplines started the 3Package Deal in January: the talent development program of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Bureau Broedplaatsen of the City of Amsterdam. The talents were selected by fifteen coalitions formed by top institutions from across Amsterdam. Among them, two alumni of DAS Choreography and one of DAS Theatre.

With the help of 3Package Deal, in 2024 these talents can fully focus on the next step in their practice, making new work or doing research. The alumni of DAS Choreography who were selected for the 3Package Deal are Reza Mirabi (coalition Dance) and Thais di Marco (coalition Social Design). From DAS Theatre alumnus Fariborz Karimi (coalitie Urban Realm) was selected.

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