Watch it again: Public online events October Research Labs - 'What Can Theatre Do' by DAS Theatre

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What about art education now? What can or should art education do in a moment when society is shaken by an unprecedented combination of political, economic and sanitary crises, also affecting the artistic field to a point that it is impossible to foresee how it can operate and develop?

Between 5-23 October, DAS Theatre launched the October Research Labs of 'What Can Theatre Do', a programme meant as a queer deviation from the norm of DAS Theatre's curriculum. Missed the public online events? The recordings are now available to watch and listen online.

Watch the What Can Theatre Do Public Conversations on Vimeo:

  • Recording Public Announcement by curators Silvia Bottiroli and Edit Kaldor

    Silvia Bottiroli and Edit Kaldor, curators of the What Can Theatre Do programme, introduce the principles and educational intentions behind What Can Theatre Do.
  • Lecture: The Impact of Amsterdam's Colonial History on its Sense of Culture - HALf6 & DAS Theatre in conversation with Maarten van Hinte on Kaltura

    As the Netherlands struggles to come to terms with its identity as a multi-ethnic nation, it is forced to reassess the accepted perspectives on its past. In this special edition of Half6, Maarten van Hinte will give a broad sense of Amsterdam’s history as part of a colonial nation and explores the acknowledged and unacknowledged impact of this history on the city's sense of culture. Simply put: to be able to truly connect to the city’s present you have to gain some understanding of the city's past. 

  • Public Conversation Part I: 'What happened? Reckon' with Ogutu Muraya, Lara Staal and Necati Öziri on Vimeo

    What are we facing, what is the present as a historical moment? How has it been produced, historically, politically, culturally? How can theatre and performance be ways of reckoning with it? In this public conversation, Ogutu Muraya, Lara Staal, Necati Öziri and DAS Theatre Participants discuss the political space of memory and disruption. The conversation is moderated by Mazlum Nergiz and Carolina Bianchi. 

  • Public Conversation Part II: 'What now? Repair' with Silvia Bottiroli, Sandra Noeth and Eleonora Fabião on Vimeo

    If this is our present time, how can we act? How do we understand our living together, between humans and with other than human entities? How can theatre and performance offer forms, ways of thinking and ethics, to navigate the present moment as an uncertain, opaque time? Eleonora Fabião, Sandra Noeth and Silvia Bottiroli will explore the questions of how theatre can engage with the uncertainties of our present time, how it can create new opportunities, and how it can help to repair. A conversation moderated by Eli Steffen and Claudio Ritfeld.

  • Public Conversation Part III: 'What If? Reimagine' with Kee Hong Low, Annie Dorsen, Samara Hersch and Edit Kaldor on Vimeo

    What about the future? What human and technological practices do we have to explore possible futures? How can theatre and performance offer forms of speculation about possible futures, forms of collective and radical imagination, to rehearse a future of which we do not have an image yet? In 'What if? Reimagine', Kee Hong Low, Annie Dorsen, Samara Hersch and Edit Kaldor will explore the questions of how theatre and performance can reimagine possible futures.

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