How Do You Work Session: Chilean theatre director Marco Layera

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Have you secured your spot yet for the How Do You Work Session with Chilean theatre director Marco Layera? Entry is free! 

Wednesday November 22, from 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m., DAS Theatre and Explore Festival present a How Do You Work Session with the highly acclaimed Chilean theatre director Marco Layera.

Students and young theatre artists are most welcome to join this unique moment of exchange and reflection, in an open, constructive and inspiring atmosphere. Secure your entry via this link.

Marco Layera
While studying law, philosophy, and criminology at the University of Chile, Marco Layera also studied acting at the drama school in Valparaiso. In 2007, he founded the company La Re-sentida, which employs young Chilean actors who share his conception of art as a tool of political thought, necessarily innovative and subversive. With them, Marco Layera has performed in many theatres and festivals throughout the world, and in particular in Europe. 

La Dictadura de lo Cool
La Dictadura de lo Cool, that is performed in the frame of the Explore Festival, is about a social group that has reached a dominating position today: the Bobos (for Bourgeois bohemians). Layera, aware of belonging to that group, questions the potential and integrity of this community, that is defined by its total acceptance of capitalism as a lifestyle, while claiming to be the contradictory. 

At DAS Theatre, investigating and developing the practice and work go hand in hand. During the first semester, we invite guests, artists and cultural practitioners, to share their way of working and engage in a conversation. 

Explore Festival
Marco Layera is in the Netherlands because of the Explore Festival, that’s been held in 10 theatres in 7 large Dutch cities, from Wednesday November 15 till Saturday December 2. Explore Festival presents a series of impressive dance- and theatre performances from all over the world. A ‘state of the art’ of the international theatre, full of startling perspectives, challenging ideas and bright new views.