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First-Year Presentation by Biljana Radinsoka. Photo: Thomas Lenden. 2017.

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Application & admission
For details about the admissions procedure, admission requirements and application deadlines  for the two programmes, please click on the link for the programme you would like to apply to: DAS Theatre or DAS Choreography.

Studying at DAS Theatre
DAS Theatre offers one programme, one "dramaturgy of learning", for two profiles: theatre makers and curators. The dialogue between them instigates new ideas, approaches and practices. DAS Theatre students adopt appropriate methods to expand and deepen their practice. Although the focus is on individual development, our main educational strategies revolve around the learning potential of encounters. The application deadline for DAS Theatre is November 21, 2017. The deadline for application of the Expanded Curation programme is extended to 11 December 2017. 

Download the Open Call for the profile 'curators' (pdf). 
Download the Open Call for the profile 'theatre makers' (pdf).

Studying at DAS Choreography
Artists who have established a professional practice and are seeking possibilities for further reflection and development can increase their research skills at DAS Choreography. The individual artistic practice is the point of departure of this non-residential master programme. In short, it offers space for creating conditions for deepening artistic practices. The application deadline for DAS Choreography is December 1, 2017. 

Download the Open Call: DAS Choreography (pdf)

Studying at DAS Creative Producing
Soon we will publish more info on the new master programme we are developing. But you can already save the date: the deadline of application is 16 March 2018.

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