Tom Oliver Jacobson - Porcelain

a crisis only brings to light what was already there: the fearful and anxious, the ones who wish to save themselves, the ones who preserve, condemn and moralise, the ones who self-loathe, the ones who hope, the ones who cease very fast to hope; they were already there all along.

and they were afraid that the tools of killing would one day be taken up in their vicinity – and from one day to the next: dry account, bad credit, bad breath, and a lot to lose: friends, career, property, even their life.

but they never feared that those same tools would be picked up and used, even with a certain pleasure, by themselves.

long after their time, and after their archives had been lost, what remained in memory was a cabaret, hosted by the ones who remained– a reenactment of their values, failures, joys and conversations, the acts they loved, and the acts they forced onto others. the guests are invited to temporarily sit in the chairs of the Immunes, to live out their forgotten pleasures, if only for a night.

As a theatre maker and curator, Tom Oliver creates immersive works to present temporary glimpses of worlds outside of the dichotomy of utopia and dystopia. As a strong critic of the notion of capitalist realism and
its assumed universality, they believe that immersive theatre can offer ephemeral other worlds that serve as a multi-layered tool for an embodied imaginary. Artistic director and co-founder of the performance collective Tlön (2015-2019), and the recurring performance conference Human Life Center (2017- 2019). Recurring performer in the award winning performance company Sisters Hope (2015-) Co-conspirator for Current: A Space in Amsterdam together with Pankaj Tiwari. Currently active with the tentacular institute DUST (2020-). Tom Oliver Jacobson Porcelain



Concept & ideation Flavia Pinheiro, Tom Oliver Jacobson

Text Flavia Pinheiro, Tom Oliver Jacobson, Carolina Bianchi

Performers Flavia Bacteria, Tom Oliver Jacobson, Bondage Jane & Alexander, Pietro Elia Barcellona

Costumes Richard John Jones Maquette design Marie Panken Music Pietro Elia Barcellona Technical Support Paula Montecinos, Carolina Bianchi

Intern Vicky Athanasiadou

Light Design Udo Akemann, Harco Haagsma


Lara Staal


Flavia Pinheiro

Julian Hetzel