Mariana Senne - I love you but I need to kill you now

The audience is invited to a seat around the table. Down there an inside world: a chamber of wonders, the fear room, a cage, a membrane in which time and space run differently, the sea, a place where we can
talk with the ghosts.

Down there a rebellion takes place. A kitchen rebellion.
You say love, I say unwaged work.
You say smile, I say pay for it.
You say post-colonialism, I say colonialism is a deep wound that is always re-experienced in the present.
You say peace, I say reparation.

Down there is a search for the inner motives of the rebellion of the wife, of the mother, of the sister, of the grandmother, of the daughter, of she.

The performance is both an exercise in unlearning patriarchy and a big mockery pull. Mocking the white man. More precisely, mocking white man’s logic. Mocking as a strategy of rebellion. The performance is exaggerated, full of humour and irony. The performance offers to the audience different types of spectatorship and thinks through the different politics involved in those various modes. The performance is an invitation. An invitation to light the match.

Mariana Senne, born in São Paulo, Brazil, is a Berlinbased theatre maker and performer, who in her current research explores intercultural theatrical practices, developing new forms of staging, with a focus on feminist and postcolonial themes. She was a member and co-founder of one of the best-known and most innovative groups in São Paulo called Cia São Jorge de Variedades. Since 2013, she conceives her own authorial projects inviting collaborators to work with her. Mariana is a maker, a musician and a performer. She is at the same time an experienced, many sided artist and a thinker with a heart for activism.

Daniela Guse, Danilo Grangheia,
Jan Brokof, Kathleen Kunath,
Nadia Bekkers, Renan Marcondes,
Rodrigo Batista, Thiago Antunes
and Zé de Paiva.
Edit Kaldor
Anta Helena Recke
Luise Meier
Thais Di Marco