Black Art Safari

Black Art Safari by Claudio Ritfeld

Within a visual and sensorial performance parkour, a figure begins to reveal itself only through shifting movement beneath an orange draping fabric. The space is eventually filled by the reveal of a figure, unmistakably human, but whose eyes stare out at us from behind what appear to be barnacles fixed to the face. A captivating, unknown figure, completely alone in its environment but in a world made especially for them.

Black Art Safari is cocky and takes up space and time without any finery. This performance artwork makes an unapologetic demand of the audience, via their focus and senses. Ritfeld wishes to keep his audience at bay. Allow them to wait. To marinate in their gaze. There is an enormous hesitation from Ritfeld — or perhaps refusal. One could also guess this has something to do with a twofold wish to be seen, and invisible, all at once.