DasArts Trust Fund

The DasArts Trust Fund is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI), a small-scale fund whose aim as a fund-raising institution is to underpin the artistic development of the students at DAS Theatre, the reputation of DAS Theatre (previous: DasArts – Master of Theatre), the international dimension of the programme, and the preservation of the artistic and educational legacy of of Ritsaert ten Cate, the founder of DasArts.

The purpose of the DasArts Trust Fund is to provide financial support for DAS Theatre students. Its objective is formulated more broadly in its statutes, but in practice this is the only purpose the foundation will engage in; we focus on the urgent problems.

By raising funds (by donation, requesting contributions in return for services rendered, etc.) the foundation aims to enable its capital to grow steadily. This will allow us to give financial support, where possible, to students who themselves do not have the resources to pay for their studies and cannot find any external funding. For students from outside Europe, the costs are constantly increasing. The Trust Fund helps us retain the influx of international students, which is one of the distinguishing features of this course.

The foundation is a small-scale fund which in recent years has started thinking of possible ways of generating income, further investigating the fund’s growth possibilities, and, on a small scale, offering financial support to those students whom the course administrators know will have great financial difficulty in continuing their studies.

In 2012 there was a donor campaign among a pool of people who are or have been closely involved in DasArts: former students, ex-mentors, former staff, good contacts in the profession, etc. This brought in a modest sum. We are planning a new donor campaign at the end of 2013, partly on the basis of experience gained from the first.

In consultation with the people involved, money that DAS Theatre staff receive from third parties for activities that actually form part of their work (e.g. fees for talks on DAS Theatre) will go into the fund. Over the past few years this has become a continuous source of income.

When external organisations use rooms and other DAS Theatre facilities, the fees received go into the Trust Fund.

In recent years DAS Theatre has invested a lot of time in developing feedback methods for use in teaching. A DVD has been made to demonstrate the results, and it is available to interested parties. In return we request a donation to the Trust Fund.

In 2013 DAS Theatre will again engage Raymond Frenken to carry out further research into the potential for financial growth in the fund and for students. One particular focus point is the search for more permanent income from funds, planning the new donor campaign, and individual support to students when seeking external finance for their studies.

We shall be gathering information from comparable institutions. How do they solve students’ financial problems and do they also have similar funds? We are referring to such institutions as the Rijksakademie and the Sandberg Instituut.

The intention for 2013 is to draw up a uniform procedure for students’ applications to the Trust Fund that will be introduced on 1st January 2014 and will also be publicised, for example on the DasArts website. The Trust Fund has until now been too modest to be able to formulate a uniform procedure. Financial support is available mainly for students for whom the course administrators know it will be a financial problem to complete their studies. In such a small-scale course as DasArts this is an easily manageable approach, but now that the income has increased somewhat, the aim is to inform all students of the general procedure.

The three members of the board do not receive any remuneration for their work. External advisors are not paid from the fund, but are appointed by DasArts.

Virtually all the money that comes in is used to provide DasArts students with financial support. Not by means of grants, but by paying certain expenses incurred to make their studies possible (travel expenses, visa fees, etc.). These essential factors are important, but the cost involved can also make it difficult for new students to come and study here. It is also a way of closing the ever-widening gap between EEA and non-EEA students; Dutch legislation burdens the students from outside Europe with additional costs.

Apart from this there are also various limited administrative expenses: bank charges, chamber of commerce fees, etc.

Students on the DAS Theatre course may qualify for financial support from the DasArts Trust Fund Foundation. As from 1 January 2014 the following guidelines apply. Contact: John Meijerink, the trust fund treasurer.

The Trust Fund offers students on the DasArts Master of Theatre course help in cases of severe financial difficulty or unexpected expenses. The payments are intended for expenditure that is essential in order to continue studying (visa, travel expenses, insurance premiums, etc.). The Trust Fund does not contribute to tuition fees or expenses involved in the Individual Trajectory or the Master Proof.

Applications can be made to the Trust Fund by people who are enrolled as students at DasArts and have paid their tuition fees, with no restrictions by age or nationality. No requests will be accepted from students in interim years or from ex-students.

Requests should be made in writing; they must provide clear justification and display sound financial underpinning. This must show which other steps the applicant has already taken to cover his financial needs (income earned by working, loan, other funds, etc.).

Each year the Trust Fund uses a maximum of 50% of its capital to provide support for students. This budget is set on the basis of the capital available on 1 January of that year. The maximum support available to each student is 2,000 euro per calendar year.

Applications can be made at any time in the course of the year. In order to achieve the fairest possible distribution of funds, the following preferred terms apply: applications for the autumn semester (September – January) before 1st October, for the spring semester (February – July) before 1st February.

The administrators of the Trust Fund decide what sums will be paid out on the basis of the applications submitted and the budget available. Applicants will in principle be informed within three weeks whether their request has been accepted or rejected. The administrators do not enter into any further discussion on their decisions.

All applications are dealt with in confidence.

Stichting Trustfonds DasArts
/DasArts Trust
FundFahrenheitsingel 1001097 NX Amsterdam

E-mail: john.meijerink@ahk.nl

Tax registration number: 8137 86 113
Bank details: 
IBAN: NL42ABNA0597060606  


The management board consists of:
Leen Laconte, chairwoman

John Meijerink, treasurer

Barbara Van Lindt, member of the board