DAS Theatre is an educational master environment for theatre makers and curators. We believe that an intense exchange between theatre makers and curators can instigate new ideas, approaches and practices for both.

A changing world

The arts are facing some real challenges nowadays. The overall political climate is demanding far more entrepreneurial and self-supporting models. In the midst of digital innovations, quests for (new) audiences, and a new sense of responsibility within social and political movements, the performing arts are repositioning themselves.

Theatre makers and curators today present their work as banquet, as workshop, as dialogue, as a walk, as a performance piece in the black box… and often combine various registers. Audiences are moved and mobilized in many ways: being seated in the dark - one imaginative body amongst others -, through staged sensorial encounters, or in all kinds of participatory settings.

In the midst of digital innovations, quests for (new) audiences and a sense of responsibility within social and political movements, performing artists are developing their tools, setting up collaborations, imagining new platforms. Urgent conversations are happening between artists, curators, theoreticians and other professionals, yielded by a need for new solidarity and critical positioning.

We are not the same, let's map out our differences
Barbara Van Lindt, artistic director

Integrating professional activities

Emerging performing arts professionals often have two needs: on the one hand, finding a place and the time to do research in order to develop their practice, and on the other, engaging in professional projects in order to build up their career. DAS Theatre has designed its structure to create room for integrating professional activities in the study course.

Call for Applications

DAS Theatre offers one programme, one ‘dramaturgy of learning’, for students of two profiles: theatre makers and curators. Read the Open Call for the profile 'curators' (pdf) or the profile for 'theatre makers'.


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DAS Graduate School

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